A Couple o’ Recipes

Supplements taken today: Samento (26 drops!); Probiotic (90 billion count / 6+ strains); FemOne; Pro-Omega Fish Oil; Vitamin D3; CBD oil; Adren-All; turmeric and curcumin blend; Quercetin; CoQ10; Serrapeptase; Pinella tincture (10 drops); Superfood; L-Lysine

Breakfast: Paleo cranberry walnut granola with fresh almondmilk and an organic banana

Lunch: Cauliflower fried rice and organic nori rolls with raw organic veggies (including alfalfa sprouts I grew in my kitchen)

Dinner: my infamous vegan mulligatawny with organic wild rice (if I ever remember to sit down and type the top-secret recipe, I’ll share it with you. But I haven’t yet, because I keep forgetting.)

Just popping in quickly today to spread the word about a couple of delicious recipes I’m happy to have found in the deep and knowledgeable confines of the Internet…

Good news! I finally found a vegan queso that is surprisingly similar to real queso. You can find the recipe here. Eat it with chips, put in on sweet potato black bean burritos, do everything you’d normally do with regular queso. Yum!

And many of you have probably seen this recipe for cauliflower fried rice floating around on social media. I gave it a try, and it was quite good, so consider this my official endorsement. I ate way too much of it and would do so again if I had more of it!